In addition to being a religious holiday, Christmas is the favorite holiday of young and old, for obvious reasons. The family gatherings offer moments of religious fervor as well as moments of joy, carefreeness and warmth with your loved ones. The atmosphere is celebratory and it manifests at the family’s New Year table.

Times are changing and we try to change too. Therefore, it’s our “last” chance to be more lenient with our diet plans and enjoy our favorite dishes, free of guilt, always accompanied by fine wine. “Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades” is on your side and offers to you its finest selection of wines to accompany the New Year’s meal and more.

Something to start with

The chances of finding a cheese and cured meat platter, canapés or nuts is high. For occasions such as this, we encourage you to open a bottle of OÍKADE where its full body and long aftertaste will emphasize even more the taste and aroma of the cheeses, especially if they are aged.

If you are a red wine lover, do not skip on the deep-crimson colored Geróklima. It is a perfect match for your charcuterie, as its spicy notes of freshly ground pepper and rare spices will delight you.

As soon as you take a seat at the table, you’re usually greeted with green seasonal salads with pomegranate, pine nuts, orange or tangerine. One of our most emblematic wines and a perfect pairing would be Pente Lithária “Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades”, made with 100% of the Xynisteri variety. Its delicate aromas of exotic and citrus fruits will highlight your salad.

For the main dish

Turkey or veal with plums and mushrooms is always expected on the New Year’s table! So, look in your cellar for the red dry wine Pente Lithária. Its full body and balanced taste will unquestionably lift your main course.

If your preference is chicken, you can prepare a fillet a la cream with plums and pair it in perfect harmony with Alba Dómina. This white wine has an oily but cool mouth with elegant aromas and is solely produced from the unique and rare Cypriot variety Promara of “Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades”

Grand Finale

Ultimately, an impressive meal does not end until we get to the mouth-watering desserts, perhaps the favorite part for most. Whatever sweet you choose, from the traditional melomakarona and kourampiedes, to any syrupy sweets, the perfect accompaniment would be Commandaria, the ultimate dessert wine. To no one’s surprise, the greatest combination is with anything chocolate. Choose a black forest cake or walnut pie with chocolate coating and experience an explosive sweetness on your palate thanks to the dried fruits, honey and spices that emerge from this sweet wine.

A gift of wine

The holiday spirit speaks to our souls in a special way. It is a period of giving and receiving gifts from the heart. Gift your loved ones a bottle of wine by “Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades” and at the same time, a smile.

We raise a glass of wine and wish you a Happy New Year!