Oenou Yi Winery is amphitheatrically nestled between the mountains peaks of Troodos; facing the magnificent mount Olympus.

A new beginning that keeps alive the long tradition of the wine routes of this charismatic land, respecting the long wine tradition of Omodos.

Our aim is the production and distribution of the finest taste and quality of wines to the selective, consumers of both domestic and international markets.


Beautifully aligned vineyards that lay amphitheatrically on the surrounding hillsides of Omodos, embracing the wine production of Oenou Yi Winery.

The contemporary Oenou Yi Winery, combines advanced technology equipment and practices for the best possible quality in wine-making. The devotion and dedication of both the winemakers and oenologists are exemplary and entirely in line with the consistent quality of the produce. This unique experience will entice all visitors to an eclectic journey into the land of Omodos.

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