Playia Restaurant

In the vineyard-blessed Omodos village, grapes of exceptional quality are ripened with harmonious aromas and rich taste from antiquity. “Krasochoria” (wine villages) area has always been a meeting point of the Bacchic accompaniment of Dionysus, who taught the art of winemaking, offering ideal conditions for the development of vineyards. All this magic still takes place on the slopes of Omodos. Today, Playia Restaurant honours this ideal soil, as its name, Playia, meaning slope, is what gives Omodos its charismatic terroir.

Focusing on successfully matching contemporary local culinary culture with our fine wines, Playia Restaurant offers unique gastronomic experiences in a pleasant and elegant environment. Our executive chef promises to offer you exquisite taste experiences through the cellars of our winery.

Enjoy our wine in its homeland, through a pleasant culinary journey promised by the restaurant of Oenou Yi Winery and experience the ultimate wine escape. Overlooking the green vineyards of Omodos village, indulge in this unique meeting of the senses of gastronomy and wine tradition.

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