The history behind Oenou Yi Winery

The history and tradition of Cypriot winemaking is inextricably linked to Omodos’ course throughout the years. Framed within the high mountain peaks of Troodos, and with summit Olympos as its sleepless guardian, Omodos proudly emerges through its lush vineyards. Picturesque and hospitable, the traditional wine village of Limassol is one of the main tourist destinations of Cypriot countryside. Oenou Yi Winery was founded in 2017.

The unique 'terroir'

The winery’s main aim is to produce fine wines for the demanding domestic and international public, highlighting Cypriot wine and simultaneously making the winery space a living cultural lung for the surrounding area and the whole of the island.

Today, on the vineyard dominated slopes of the area, up to the peak of Laona at an altitude of 800 metres and Afamis at 1,060 metres, Oenou Yi Winery keeps the tradition of Mediterranean vineyard alive. The rich wine culture and architecture of the area is an undeniable witness to ideal wine making conditions reaching the depths of time.

Linear structures that facilitate cultivation methods, traditional Omodos scrap stone that prevents soil erosion, and fragrant roses that prevent the enemies of vines, describe and set the limits of the Estate.

It is a century-old relationship. There, where mountainous nature submits to the hardworking people of Omodos until the fertile areas are transformed in a hospitable and fruitful land.