Oenou Yi Winery focuses on preserving Omodos’ tradition of wine, exploiting the unique altitude of the area that contributes significantly to the development of the vineyards. Having the Omodos’ terroir as a special ally, priority is given to the native varieties of Cyprus, such as Xynisteri, Maratheftiko, Giannoudi, while also exploiting international varieties, such as Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon.

Amphitheatrically planted vineyards spread their roots deep in white limestone soils in search of the most wanted moisture. Rocky soil is what ultimately offers the much sought-after mineral notes in wine. The fruit of highland vineyards is different from the rest, developing more tasteful flesh, rich structure and intense acidity.

Respecting traditional practices, the winery exploits linear structures, which facilitate the cultivation methods, as well as the traditional dry stone of Omodos, which prevents soil erosion. At the end of each summer, the vineyard, full of the daily care it has received, reciprocates the dedication of its growers with the blessed fruit – sometimes golden green and sometimes crimson – and, then, the valuable wine; a mountainous and sunny wine that hides the authentic fabric of Omodos’ land in a glass.