We’ll never get tired of arguing that wine is so much more that just an alcoholic drink; it is a beverage with history, culture and identity. That’s why wine is a perfect choice to watch any movie with. As the world of wine provides wonderful scenes – from wineries, vineyards, cellars and restaurants to various flavours, aromas and colours, but also so many other cultures – from pop to more avant-garde – it could not but have captivated the art of cinema with its charm. With summer nearly over it’s time to take our sit on the couch for good movie nights; and we present the following list of documentaries, series and movies – some of them lighter, some more complex, historical and entertaining, relevant and irrelevant to wine – for you to choose from.

A young man, Elijah, has to balance between his dream of becoming a sommelier and his father’s dream of taking over the family business. It is a film that includes loads of information about wine, the world of sommeliers, the joy, the disappointments, the difficulties, the knowledge, the effort, the studying, but also the infinite flavours, aromas and colours of the magical wine world! The movie evolves around wine in the world of Afro-American pop culture.

Sour Grapes
In 2014, Rudy Kurniawan was sentenced to 10 years in prison for selling fake wines worth more than $20 million to wine collectors. Kurniawan enjoyed rare and expensive wines in restaurants and asked to take the bottles as souvenirs. He then forged labels and sold common wine at exorbitant prices. The real story you just read is recorded in the documentary Sour Grapes. A breathtaking documentary that records the movements of the aspiring sommelier Rudy. With his smile, kindness and knowledge, he managed to not only deceive his acquaintances, who considered him a wine library, but also dozens of collectors, who trusted him with millions for the ‘unique’ wines he could provide.

Wine Country
On the occasion of Rebecca’s 50th birthday, Abby organises a trip to picturesque Napa with her inseparable friends. Workaholic Kathrin, refreshed Val, not-very-outgoing Jenny and exhausted mother Naomi also give in to the idea of relaxing and rejoining with their girlfriends. However, alcohol consumption helps surface the uncertainties of everyday life as they become entangled with gossip and the girls begin questioning their friendship and their future.

What to drink depending on your mood
In general, the wine you decide to enjoy with your choice of movie depends entirely on you and your mood, the company you have and the food offered. Nevertheless, Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades can make some suggestions based on its award-winning wines!

If you are in a more relaxed mood, without much complexity, then we suggest you go for any of the Playiá series, depending on your side dishes. All three Playiá wines – red, white and rosé – travel you to the Cypriot and international vineyard alike. Xinisteri and Mavro, Merlot and Shiraz harmoniously coexist in these masterfully crafted wines. The Playiá series was created by careful viticulture, low acreage yields and state-of-the-art winemaking methods with continuous temperature control. They are an ideal choice to accompany you throughout the year.

On the other hand, if you feel like watching a deeper movie that will trigger some concerns and more though, a bit more complex and riveting, then it would be time to get your hands on the single variety Geróklima. Created from Vassiliades Estate’s oldest Maratheftiko vines, it has a deep purple colour and a bouquet of aromas reminiscent of red forest fruit, such as wild sour cherry. It is balanced in the mouth, with spicy notes of freshly ground pepper and rare spices, literally enchanting all demanding palates.

But apart from the classic Geróklima, you can also go for a newer addition of our cellar: Red Melody, an authentic sample of red aged wine in oak French barrels for 12 months and at least 8 months in the bottle. Shiraz meets Cabernet Sauvignon in this deep red coloured wine with strong aromas of berries, blueberries, vanilla and black pepper. It is a perfectly balanced wine, with velvet taste that leads to a long aftertaste.

Finally, for a lighter mood, we have to suggest the wide range of white wines, such as White Melody, Playiá White Dry and Pente Lithária or our unique rosés such as Rodámbelo and Playiá Rosé Dry. If you choose as such, then don’t forget to accompany your movie night with cheese platters, the recipes of which can be found here: ‘The perfect cheese board for white wine’ and ‘Rosé wine and cheese plateau’.

Cheers and happy viewing!