Vasilissa is a rare white variety indigenous to the Cypriot vineyard. It used to be confused with the Morokanella variety, due to their visual similarities and the creation of the first mixed vineyards of these varieties back in 1998. Although the two varieties look very similar, their viticultural and oenological differences are significant, which is why they have now been completely separated.


The Vasilissa variety has large bunches and brightly colored fruit. It produces wines with a pale yellow-green color and an intense nose with aromas of powdered sugar and loukoumi (Cyprus delight), stone fruit, citrus peel and white flowers. Its body is round and full with moderate levels of acidity.

Vasilissa – Regina

The name VASILISSA – REGINA comes from the Cypriot variety of the same name. The grapes of the variety were carefully harvested from Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades’ exemplary vineyard in Omodos, Cyprus, located at an altitude of 1100 meters. The cultivation care, the low yields, the unique terroir, but also the modern winemaking in state-of-the-art facilities contributed towards the creation of a unique and rare wine.

After all, one of Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades’ primary goals is the rescue and promotion of rare indigenous varieties, such as this one, which produces particularly delicate wines, with greenish highlights and a sparkling crystalline color. On the nose, it features aromas of jasmine and white-fleshed peaches with soft notes of wild white rose flowers. Its mouth is oily, balanced and ends in a long aftertaste.

Food pairing

VASILISSA – REGINA is served at 10 – 12˚C and pairs harmoniously with fresh salads, pasta carbonara, well-cooked crab, and juicy chicken fillet dishes.

Vasilissa meets ΒΑΣΙΛΙΣΣΑ «μια μόνο» (VASILISSA)

Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades’ newest label has a special and symbolic character. The first bottling is produced in limited numbers and pays tribute to the great EOKA hero and poet, Evagoras Pallikarides, on the occasion of the national anniversary of April 1st. The wine is titled as “ΒΑΣΙΛΙΣΣΑ μια μόνο…”, a title inspired by Pallikarides’ poem “Θα πάρω μιαν ανηφοριά”, a national treasure for the people and culture of Cyprus.