Though very rare, the indigenous red variety Yiannoudi, has gained much ground in Cypriot oenology and winemaking for the production of quality red wines filled with local character. In recent years Yiannoudi has started being cultivated and vinified by several Cypriot producers throughout Cyprus. Once vinified, the variety highlights the unlimited possibilities of the Cypriot vineyard, as the challenges it presents during fruit setting contribute to low wine yields, which is why it has been very rare.


The grapes of the Yiannoudi variety are blue black in colour, oval, large and fleshy with colourless juice. The variety has amazing colour characteristics, with excellent tannins and a very good acidity-alcohol balance. The variety’s aromas are reminiscent of shrubs and wild berries found in the Cypriot countryside.


This single-variety Yiannoudi vinification by Oenou Yi-Ktima Vassiliades presents a dark, strong blue-blue colour with crimson highlights and full body. Its aromatic profile is complex and deep, aristocratic, presenting aromas of cinnamon, vanilla, caramel, berries and tobacco. Its mouth, delicious and equally rich, with flavours of berries, ripe cherry, notes of pepper and vanilla.

As soon as the bottle is opened, the wine breathes and as time passes it becomes more and more expressive. It unfolds its aromas and tastes constantly, highlighting the unlimited possibilities of the Cypriot vineyard. Don’t hesitate to age it further in the bottle.

Food pairing

Oíkade is served at 18°C. Try it with beef fillet and game, as well with aged cheese.