Promara is a white indigenous variety that has remained unseen for several decades. It was first spotted by Mouillefert in the 19th century and recorded as Promara from the English word premature meaning early. The first specimens of Promara were found in the vineyards of Omodos and Kyperounta.


It’s a white variety which gives small grape berries with a greenish-yellow color. The wines it produces are characterized by intense freshness with aromas of citrus fruits such as lemon but also more exotic ripe fruits such as mango, melon, banana and pear notes. When it matures in a barrel, it gives flavors of tobacco and vanilla notes, as it is a variety that has the ability to mature in an oak barrel.

Like all fresh whites, it is served at a temperature of 9-11 ℃ and pleasantly accompanies fatty seafood appetizers such as oysters and mussels, as well as smoked fish and recipes with rich white sauces and yellow cheese.

Alba Dómina

Alba Dómina is a white wine from the unique Cypriot indigenous variety Promara.

The fruit of the variety were carefully collected from the estate’s exemplary vineyard –the largest privately owned vineyard in Cyprus– at an altitude of 1100 metres. Cultivation care, small yields, unique microclimate and modernised winemaking in the winery’s special facilities, resulted in a unique wine.

Alba Dómina has a bright yellow colour with greenish highlights. Elegant exotic fruit aromas with lemon zest and discreet notes of white flowers are presented on the nose. Its mouth is oily, balanced, cool and results in an explosive aftertaste.

Food pairing

Alba Dómina is served at 10°C – 12°C and it harmoniously combined with grilled fresh fish, chicken fillet and cool summer salads.