The island produces other wines, used at meals, not unlike those of Provence. The best is made in the village of Omodos.

Mariti Giovanni, 18th c.

Around the mid-18th century, Italian abbot and writer, Giovanni Mariti, visited Cyprus. As most travelers, he recorded his experiences and observations about the island, mentioning not only geographic and geological characteristics, but also various customs and traditions of Cypriots.

The Italian abbot stayed in Cyprus from 1760 until 1767. Among other things, he referred with detail to the vine harvest and wine culture, as well as the process of wine making in Cyprus. Adding his own views around Cypriot wine, he admits that “the island produces other wines, used at meals, not unlike those of Provence. The best is made in the village of Omodos.” Such was – and is up to today – the quality of Omodos’ vineyards that lacked nothing compared to European ones.

As Omodos is one of the most important Cypriot wine villages, wine culture and production has always been the major occupation of the inhabitants. Proof of this, is the medieval wine press found in the village, which is mentioned in 1469 documents.

All it takes is for someone to visit Omodos, in order to perceive this unique relationship between village, wine culture and winemaking: the structured walls of vineyards, built with scrap stone in floating rows, and the lively colours of plants emerging through the soil mark the landscape and give it a special character.

With their restless work, the villagers tamed the wild land of Limassol district, turning it into a large vineyard, from which the overflowing fragrances of hundreds of years fill the air. According to a legend, having heard of the quality of Omodos wine, Selim II, the Drunken, once exclaimed that “there is a treasure on this island that only the king of kings deserves to possess”.

The life-bearing and long-lasting rays of the Mediterranean sun are bestowed on the green hills, creating vineyards of exceptional quality with harmonious aromas and rich flavour that continue, to this day, to enchant the faithful friends of wine and introduce them to the Omodos wine craftsmanship.

With great art and passion, following the long tradition of Omodos’ land, Oenou Yi Winery contributes to the history and continuity of the wine.