Christmas is getting closer and if you are looking for the perfect gift to impress, then the safest choice is – of course – wine! At Oenou Yi-Ktima Vassiliades we have prepared 22 unique gift basket choices for every taste and price, which you can now order from the comfort of your home just by clicking here!

Find below 5 reasons why wine is the ideal gift for every occasion!

1. It is a ‘safe’ choice

Whether or not you know the host’s taste, wine is a safe choice since it just can’t be missing from any festive gathering! From dishes such as salads and appetizers, the main meal, and even dessert, there is no way to disappoint as there will surely be a dish to match the wine. So, whether your wine choice is white, rosé or red, it would be really difficult not to succeed in choosing wine as a gift for the festive table!

2. It does not take up much shelf space

So maybe other guests have thought exactly like you. It really doesn’t matter, as you can choose a wine that can be aged in the bottle for several years. In fact, if you decide to it ‘play safe’ then you should definitely go for our reds Geróklima (Maratheftiko) or Oíkade (Yiannoudi). Your gift will immediately have the potential of transforming into a promising wine, which will only be getting better and better with time and thus acquire a different, deeper value on your friends’ shelf.

3. It serves all wallets

If you think that wine only stands on the expensive side of gifts, you are wrong. Various factors contribute to the pricing of a wine – from the choice of the grapes all the way to its vinification process –, however, Oenou Yi-Ktima Vassiliades offers this list with 22 options that suits all budgets, without making any compromises!

4. You show that you care

Choosing a quality wine, for which you know a couple of things, you automatically prove your interest. You can start based on your friends’ tastes and preferences, while our wine labels will definitely help you decide whether or not you’re going the right way with your gift! Find all our wines’ descriptions here!

5. Wine means sharing!

The last and most important reason is that wine is not just any alcoholic beverage! It is proven that wine brings people together and triggers sharing. So, not only do you make a beautiful and elegant gift but you also contribute to creating memories with your friends! What could be more beautiful than this feeling that is the essence of Christmas?

With a fine glass of wine from the mountain vineyards of Omodos, we deeply wish that the Christmas days are spent with a smile on all your faces, much fun, all the important people of your life by your side and positive thoughts only!

Happy Holidays!

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