The Christmas countdown has begun; both the young and the old have many reasons to be excited! Christmas activities and arts and crafts bring a creative touch and to all’s favourite holiday. What would be better than create festive crafts with the wine corks that still smell of your favourite ‘Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades’ wines?

1. Cork and felt Christmas trees

You will need:

‘Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades’ wine corks, a knife, cutting board, green felt sheets, silicone glue, buttons and beads, scissors, ribbons, glitter.

With great attention, first cut the wine corks into even-thick slices. Then cut a piece of paper in the shape of a triangle; you will use this as a mold to cut out the green felt into triangles. With the heated silicone glue, place the cut slices of cork, next to each other, ‘building up’ the triangle as shown in the picture. Next, use the buttons, glitter and beads to decorate your tree as you see fit. Finally, make a small loop with a small piece of ribbon. That way you can hang your creation on your Christmas tree or anywhere!

2. Pine cone Christmas trees with

You will need:

‘Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades’ wine corks, pine cones, cork, silicone glue, spray in various colors, cardboard, gold marker.

First place your pine cones on the surface on which you will spray paint them. You can use green spray – which refers to a tree – or red and gold, the ultimate Christmas colours. When the cones have dried, use the silicone glue to stick them on the cork, which you will use as a base. Hold them together for about a minute until you make sure they are firmly stuck together. Finally, cut a star-shape out of a piece of cardboard, paint it with a gold marker and glue it on top of the pine cone tree!

3. Christmas tree ornaments

You will need:

‘Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades’ wine corks, silicone glue, coloured markers, glitter, ribbons.

Decorate your Christmas tree with handmade ornaments by yourselves! Create hanging ornaments, in any shape you want, using wine corks. Glue them together shaping them to look like grapes, circles or stars, as shown in the pictures! Then, glue a piece of ribbon on the back, creating a hook so you can hang them and decorate them with colours, glitter and whatever you want!

With these and other arts and crafts you can reclaim and recycle used wine corks, spending creative time with loved ones and bringing Christmas a step closer!