As if it was entrusted into the hands of God, Omodos, the wonderful wine village of Limassol district, is an ideal destination for all ages and tastes, all year round. Gaining particular popularity due to the Holy Cross Monastery, the area’s landmark, which is situated at the end of the biggest and oldest square of Cyprus, Omodos can fascinate its visitors in several ways: both with its various traditional products, as well as its preserved unique architecture, which travels one through past times.

Arriving at the village, you are greeted by Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades winery. The winery is built on a dominating height and is surrounded by lush, green vineyards, inviting you to taste the history and tradition of Cyprus through its fine, exquisite wines. Let your senses and spirit be taken on a journey, while experiencing the unique qualities of Cypriot wine during a wine tasting experience by our team of experts.

Enjoy our wines at their production place, with a view, on the terrace of Oenou Yi – Ktima Vassiliades winery and taste fine Mediterranean cuisine, like never before, in the pleasant and luxurious environment of ‘Playia’ restaurant.

While strolling in the picturesque village, you will come across our coffee house Beautiful Cyprus, which invites you to the historical cobblestoned square to enjoy Cypriot drinks and delicacies; from the traditional authentic Cypriot coffee with distinctive coffee foam (kaymakki), refreshing lemonade and Cypriot sweets, to modern day espresso, americano, latte and macchiato. Without limiting your choices to the classics, you can also order affogato (ice-cream topped coffee) or the Cypriot-born cocktail Brandy Sour.

The day does not end there! Do go for a stroll through the painting-like stone-paved alleys of the village and encounter history through the Holy Cross Monastery, the museums, the medieval linen and the EOKA fighter’s hide-outs. You will surely be greeted by the welcoming residents of the village everywhere.

Whatever your preferences may be, the choices in Omodos are countless and will definitely not disappoint you, as it really offers everything one desires.

We invite you to spend an extraordinary day, full of wonderful activities, while meeting the wonders of Omodos and Cyprus!